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  • Through Psychotherapy I help individuals and couples make sense of their past, sort out today, and gain clarity for the future.

    Welcome to Meghan Farr Therapy Services!

    It takes an incredible amount of bravery to deep dive into one’s self. It can feel like stomach-flipping, roller-coaster terror, at times.

    I’m not going to sugar coat this process: it’s going to take time, effort and financial commitment to do the work. Shining a flashlight in dark places comes with some jump scares. That’s why it’s important to go on this journey with a therapist and not alone.

    It will be uncomfortable and awkward at times, but that’s when we’ll learn the most. It can be dynamic and fun too. I couldn’t do therapy if we didn’t get to use a defense mechanism like humor  and redirect the conversation with laughter once in a while!

    My job is to steer us back when we veer away from the really hard things. We’ll always go at your pace. You’re the pace car in this and that’s a terrible analogy because this kind of therapy is most definitely NOT a race! In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

    When we have debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive behaviors or thoughts, depression or even just really difficult moments in our relationships it’s because of build-up that’s been accumulating for years; if not decades. It’s like our arteries – we have to stop the plaque from blocking blood flow to all the major organs. We know what happens if the build up is too great.

    Same with un-metabolised emotions, trauma, relationship issues and symptoms of depression and anxiety – the layers of build up eventually cause major blockages in terms of the health and well-being of ourselves and our relationships. That’s why true healing isn’t a quick-fix. It takes time to truly understand ourselves and how we got here.

    Meet Meghan

    I’m Meghan Farr, a licensed therapist practicing now for almost 15 years. I help individuals and couples heal from ingrained, repetitive, patterns causing stress and friction in their personal, family and professional lives.  I work with adults experiencing symptoms of various types of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, career and relationship difficulties. Together, we’ll work to find a greater understanding of your needs and make a plan to work toward healing – which often results in a decline of symptoms and more meaningful and fulfilling relationships long-term.