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  • I help anxious, high-achieving women find clarity and peace in their personal and professional lives.

    You’re so detailed, meticulous and thorough you’ve gotta be exhausted by this find-a-therapist-process already – even overachieving perfectionists have to call it a day at some point.

    What goes great with perfectionism and high achieving behavior?
    ANXIETY. Heart palpitations, weird appetite, sweating, headaches…all the things. 

    Plus, the little voice inside you that replays videos of not only everything you’ve messed up in the past 24 hours but hell – in the past decade; maybe since childhood (if she’s really snarky.) 

    You cringe at remembering the wrong answer you gave in the meeting at work; the weird text you sent to the guy you “might be talking to” haunts you because you’re wondering if it sounded needy or desperate. 

    And, even though your friends and coworkers adore you – you can’t help but wonder when everyone’s going to realize you don’t have it all together.

    I know you’re more than capable of handling ANYTHING, even despite the whole anxiety management thing not going well.

    Maybe it’s time girlfriend – there’s no shame in asking for help. It’s NOT a sign of weakness.

    Even if the critics in your head are telling you…
    “You have nothing to be stressed about”
    “You have so much to be thankful for”
    “Just stop worrying and get over it”
    “Stop being so sensitive”

    AND my favorite…
    “It’s all in your head”

    Your feelings and worries are valid and I want to help you make sense of it all.

    You don’t have to live like this any longer.

    Meet Meghan

    Hi, I’m Meghan Farr, a licensed therapist who’s going to help you get out of your head and back to enjoying your day to day life with a new sense of confidence. That’s what I do – I help high-achieving, driven women like you, remedy the anxiety; figure out what’s keeping you up at night; understand why the headaches won’t go away and why you never feel like enough no matter how successful you become; no matter how many degrees you’ve earned; no matter how many things you got done on your list today.