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  • Anxiety about EVERYTHING

    You’re tired of having ANXIETY ABOUT EVERYTHING.

    The racing thoughts won’t stop – you’re thinking about everything you DIDN’T do today; everything you still have to do tomorrow and all the things in your life that might go wrong. 

    The worry is keeping you up at night and you don’t know how to make it stop. 

    Binge watching shows helps a little – reading takes too much focus so you look around for something to self-medicate with: online shopping, wine, chocolate…

    SOMETHING. ANYTHING to make your inner voice stop talking ALREADY!

    You are so FREAKING tired of doubt and fear running your life – feeling like everything is out of your control. Or, worse – it’s in your control but you don’t have the energy or will-power to do anything about it. 

    It all leads to feelings of worthlessness and guilt…and overall exhaustion

    The cycle ends with you promising yourself tomorrow will be the day you ask for help because you know doing this on your own isn’t working.

    Then tomorrow shows up and it starts out ok (even though you’re so tired since you didn’t sleep well last night.) Slowly, the worry, self-doubt, uncertainty and feelings of inadequacy creep back in as you go about your day. You start beating yourself up and saying: “what is my problem? My life is so good. I have so much to be thankful for. I need to just “get over it!”

    But, what the hell is… “IT?”

    Most likely –  untreated ANXIETY

    We can figure that out for sure though, together through therapy sessions. If it’s left untreated it often gets worse and turns into depression (or you might have some of that going on too – which having both at the same time is incredibly common.) 

    The good news is that it’s actually really treatable

    I’ve worked with tons of clients who are able to make major progress taming their symptoms of anxiety and depression through talk therapy and learning new tools and techniques to SHHHHH the critical voices that talk to you all day!  

    Untreated ANXIETY wears you down. Notice you tend to say “yes” to things out of obligation or because you just don’t have the energy to say “no thanks”? 

    Or, you might freeze rather than decisively choosing something – even picking out what to eat for dinner can feel like the hardest test question you’ve ever tried to answer correctly. 

    Maybe you’re isolating (and I mean before we HAD to because of the pandemic-pocalypse) I’m talking about isolating because you seriously do NOT want to be around other people. It just takes too much effort and you don’t have the energy to act like you’re NOT losing your sanity (you aren’t – but it feels like you are.) 

    It gets confusing because you’re smart and intelligent and it makes you wonder why you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your ANXIOUS self!

    And the PHYSICAL symptoms are such a bitch….

    • headaches 
    • intestinal problems like IBS
    • nerve pain
    • upper and lower back tension 
    • getting sick often because you’re immune system is worn down

    Yep- those can all be related to anxiety. You are NOT imagining things. This stuff is all connected. The fear, the guilt, the worry – it becomes too much and has to go somewhere and it often goes right into our bodies, physically. 

    You long to feel better, in every way: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

    What you really want is…

    • To wake up feeling refreshed and excited about your day.
    • To feel confident in your decisions.
    • To socialize more without it feeling like an agonizing chore.
    • To go to work, check off a few things on your to do list, hit the gym, make a healthy dinner and feel like the bad ass that you are.
    • To have the energy to work on a hobby.
    • To read a book or watch a show because it sounds fun, not because you’re avoiding, procrastinating or trying to escape your life.
    • To actually enjoy a vacation or traveling instead of feeling you don’t deserve to relax 

    How therapy helps:

    Depending on your personality and learning style we’ll make a plan together that works for you. It will always be a collaborative process.

    Some of my clients prefer really specific and direct homework assignments right away and others need weeks of just talking and processing feelings. 

    You may feel more comfortable with me asking lots of questions and directing our sessions – or, maybe it feels better to just VENT during our sessions and then I’ll give feedback at the end. 

    It will vary over time and we’ll tweak it as we go to make sure your needs are being met.

    As a therapist, it’s my job to…

    • help you process feelings
    • identify roadblocks and unhealthy patterns in behavior and relationships
    • to help you get to know yourself and all of your amazing strengths. 

    I’ll teach you to reconnect with parts of yourself that you miss. We’ll work on building up your confidence and improving the most important relationship you have: The one with YOURSELF!

    I’ll also help you learn to improve your ability to communicate, set boundaries and stand up for yourself. We’ll come up with new solutions and new ways of thinking that work for YOU!

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