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  • Anxiety, Depression, & ADHD

    “Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never see the light.”
    – Bruce Lee

    You, my friend, are searching for your light because you are so tired of living your life in the darkness. You are weighed down by stress, tired of doubting yourself, worrying about not living up to expectations, and fear of failing is keeping you stuck. But not anymore! You are here because you are ready for a change. Or perhaps because everything you’ve tried just isn’t cutting it.

    When we feel stuck in life, that discomfort can be a sign that there is more going on. You deserve to feel more than just “fine” or “okay.” You deserve to smile when you wake up in the morning and feel peace when you go to bed at night. Life does not have to feel like an obligation or a chore. If you have felt this way longer than a few weeks, this may be more than just a rough spell. And that’s okay. Because when we name it, we can face it and fix it.

    Your SHE therapist will help you sort through your feelings which may actually be symptoms of a mental health diagnosis. Signs of Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD can be interchangeable and we can determine if that’s the case for you. Together, we will establish a plan of treatment to get you back to living your best life. You will get support and encouragement along the way, throw in some accountability, and you can get through this. You may have heard from others or told yourself to “just get over it.” It doesn’t work that way. We have to work THROUGH it and you will come out the other side stronger than ever.