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  • Banish the Bully

    Banish the Bully: By Keisha Langolf, LCSW


    She’s super smart. She must be a drag. She’s not smart enough. She must be stupid. 

    She needs to try harder. 

    She is way too skinny. She must be anorexic. She’s so fat. She must be lazy. 

    She needs to try harder..

    She’s so pretty. She must be stuck up. She’s a dirty mess. She must not care.

    She needs to try harder.

    She overcompensates to fit in, so no one likes her. She doesn’t try at all, so no one likes her.

    She needs to try harder.

    She is a helicopter mom. She must be paranoid. She is too inattentive. She must not love them.

    She needs to try harder.

    Too quiet. Too loud. A prude. A slut. Too nice. Too bitchy. A neat freak. A tornado. 

    Too naive. Too judgemental. A workaholic. A slacker. Too giving. Too selfish. A this. A that.

    Unfortunately, we have all heard these words spoken. Maybe to us. Maybe about us. Maybe about someone else. Maybe we’ve said these things. Maybe we say them to ourselves. These words carry a lot of power, like little daggers that just keep wounding over and over again. These are the words of a bully. 

    As women, we have each been affected by these words and assumptions in one way or another at some point in our lives, whether by peers in school, by a parent or sibling, by our significant others, strangers, a friend, or by our own selves. So, what can we do?

    Anti-bullying campaigns have become quite popular in the political, legal, and educational realms, and that’s a start. But, I would like to propose an anti-bullying agreement that is far more personal than that. The change starts within US. We can banish the bullying, the assumptions, the name-calling. We can choose to be kind. We can choose to lift each other up. We can choose to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and empower ourselves.

    At SHE, we have made it our mission to help women make these changes through a method we created: Strengthening, Healing, and Empowering.

    If you are tired of battling yourself and you’re ready to make real, lasting changes in your life, book  a complimentary phone call with us. Click here to book your call.

    You’ve got nothing to lose! Just Strength, Healing and Empowerment to gain!

    xo Keisha

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