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  • Career Anxiety

    You’re ANXIOUS about your career 

    You took the job – it sounded like the right thing. Fast forward: now you’re scared to admit it, but it’s sort of sucking the life out of you.

    Not only are you feeling the stress from listening to your inner critic (Shut up Bitchy Brenda) who is questioning EVERY decision you make for yourself, you feel this fear in your gut about the career you chose in the first plate.  Yes… There’s such a thing as Career Anxiety. 

    So let’s, be honest.

    You show up to the place and do the work.  You chat with co-workers and grab a coffee – it’s all good (it’s not like Michael Scott is your boss.)

    You get your biweekly paycheck – this is the dream – right? This is why you went to school and worked so hard.

    The truth is…

    SECRETLY, your work feels so unfulfilling at times and even downright disappointing- you don’t want to admit it or say it out loud because you paid A TON of money for the education and degree(s). 

    You get decent feedback about your performance from your supervisor and co-workers, but it’s turned out to be so daunting and mundane so you find yourself daydreaming about a job with more purpose. 

    You find yourself wondering…

    • Is there something more challenging out there?
    • Would another career utilize your talents, creativity and strengths
    • If you made the wrong decision taking this position. 
    • How long you should stay before looking for a new job/career.
    • If you’re being selfish since at least you HAVE a paycheck in this economy.
    • If it’s ok to want more than this.
    • What your parents and friends will think about you changing your mind.

    I work with clients all the time who are looking for something more from their work. It’s actually really common to change your career a few times – hello – we work for approximately 40 years and some of us need to change it up more than others.

    It’s overwhelming when you finally admit that the career or job you thought you wanted – isn’t all that great. You don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.  

    How therapy helps with career anxiety…

    • Increase feelings of full-fillment as you work toward something more big picture
    • Letting it all out and saying the things that swirl around in your head out loud releases tension – the therapy session is a great place to do this. It’s a NO judgement zone!
    • Solution-focused problem solving helps you come up with a plan to face the reality of your job/career and also strategize for setting goals in making career changes
    • Learn new coping tools to decrease symptoms of anxiety and feelings of uneasiness/worry
    • Having extra support from an objective person can really help you process and navigate all the feelings that surround evaluating your job/career goals 

    Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and feel excited about where you’ll be spending the majority of your time rather than feeling blahhh with another case of the “Mondays”...

    or worse “the Sunday Night Dread Fest” where you spend your ENTIRE Sunday dreading the work week? 

    You dream about feeling confident and energized and actually utilizing all of your favorite skills and talents. Yes, this is possible! 


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