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  • Therapy for Couples

    Meghan Farr Therapy services is open and affirming of people of all racial, gender, and sexual identities.

     Couples therapy; marriage counseling; intimate partner relationships  – people use different phrases to describe couples work.

    Call it whatever is most comfortable for you – but here’s what all of these relationships have in common: two INDIVIDUALS within a COUPLE.

    That’s hard!

    Whether it’s early in the dating process and you want to understand more about the compatibility of the relationship;

    considering engagement; engaged and preparing for marriage;

    married and feeling stuck because it’s not what you thought it would be…

    Couples therapy is a way to grow within yourself and also understand the relationship dynamics on a deeper level. The more we understand – the more likely we are to make actual changes.  

    ALL couples will face obstacles and most will face some sort of crossroads where problematic behaviors emerge and aren’t changing no matter how many times you take the Love Languages Quiz and try to implement it.

    When the same argument happens over and over again it’s a sign that communication patterns need help, thought patterns need to be analyzed and the argument is most likely about something under the surface that’s hard to uncover without the assistance of a trained, objective outsider.

    It would be an honor to be the person who gets to work with you on this journey. Please contact me to schedule a consultation.