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    I started my career as a therapist in elementary school when friends would regularly share their problems with me. I was always more than willing to help come up with a solution. I also loved playing match-maker on the playground at recess – I’ve always enjoyed understanding personalities, human behavior and bringing people together. Therapy chose me just as much as I chose it! 

    My father is a physician and watching him care for his patients over the years also played a role in leading me to a healing profession. It’s a calling and it brings me so much joy to get to work with my clients in helping them find clarity, direction and healing. 


    • 2009 – obtained my Masters in Social Work (MSW); concentration in Mental Health from the IU School of Social Work, Indianapolis, IN 
    • 2005 – Graduated with a bachelors of science from Ball State University – College of Communications, Journalism-News Editorial major; minor in Gender Studies

    Licensure: Indiana #34006415A

    • 2011 – obtained my clinical licensure to practice therapy independently in the state of Indiana


    Areas of professional experience and training:

    I’ve worked as a counselor for almost 12 years. Earlier in my career I worked as an inpatient and outpatient counselor in various hospital settings. I’ve also worked as a behavior specialist and group therapist. About 6 years ago I began my private practice, specializing in adult anxiety issues.

    I have specific continuing education training and direct experience in the areas of:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Communication Patterns
    • Weight Management Issues
    • Career Exploration Across the Life Span

    Currently, I focus my continuing education on women experiencing anxiety through the various stages of adulthood, motherhood, career and relationships.

    I’m always learning new information in my field to better serve my clients. Please feel free to ask me any questions about my training and credentials during our initial free consultation.

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