Of course you have questions! Here’s some FAQ’s and answers that will help ease your mind about this whole therapy thing.


Yes, I am. The first step is scheduling a free consultation so you and I can talk and see if we’re the right fit. Click here to schedule.
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My physical office is in Fishers, IN (northside of Indy) in the Fishers Medical Office Plaza off of Allisonville Rd (between 96th and 116th St.) I also provide online/virtual therapy sessions as well.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ***I currently have a waiting list for appointments after 5:00 p.m.
$140/50-60 min session $210/85-90 minute session If you have more questions head over to the Fees & Insurance page
Yes, I offer both. My office is large enough to socially distance during our sessions. However, some clients prefer online sessions (I actually had quite a few clients doing online sessions BEFORE Covid-19 precautions were in place.) Sometimes, it’s just more convenient. Some of my clients live a few hours from my office so they always utilize the online sessions; some of my clients prefer in-person sessions primarily; some have sessions on their lunch breaks in their car and some like to do a combination of both in person and online. Online therapy is perfect for those snow days or if you’re feeling under the weather or waiting on Covid-test results. It’s easier to create flexibility in meeting therapy session needs with online as an option.
No, I do not directly. I’m considered an out of network provider. Some health insurance plans/company benefits provide reimbursement for out of network providers. You can find out if you have this benefit by calling your member’s services number on your insurance card. If you are eligible for reimbursement, you would pay for our session at the time of service and I provide you with a bill/receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Your insurance company does require knowing your diagnosis (ie: anxiety, depression, etc…) as it is required for your insurance company to reimburse you. I accept HSA cards and all credit cards. Want to know more about why I don’t accept insurance? Head over to Fees & Insurance
Life happens. I’m a mom of two elementary-aged daughters so I get it – sometimes we have to miss appointments. I don’t have a cancellation policy – I have a reschedule policy. You will always be charged for your appointment on the original day/time of your session whether you are able to attend or not, but you have the week prior, the week of or the week after to make up the session at no extra charge. So, for weekly sessions that would mean you would have two sessions in one week. I do this because I need to be able to plan for my business and monthly income. I work for myself and as a small business owner I can only work with clients who respect and understand that our time and schedules are valuable. I will have the same courtesy and respect for you if I ever have to reschedule.

With holidays or vacations or anything out of the ordinary for my clients or myself – we have lots of good, open communication and plan ahead accordingly to still get all of our necessary sessions. Or, if we need to take a break for some reason – it’s never last minute – we always plan ahead and mutually decide on a plan. In therapy, it’s so important to not just STOP the therapeutic process without a plan in place.
Show up. You just have to show up and we’ll go from there. Some people need me to ask a lot of questions (which is one of my specialties!) Some people need to talk and process specific issues and events and want feedback. It will vary and that is absolutely fine. I don’t do cookie-cutter, generic therapy. I meet my clients where they are. Your job is to be open-minded and willing to dig a little deeper than you might be used to. You might feel a bit of discomfort emotionally, but we’ll work through it together. My goal is that you leave each session with more clarity on at least one issue, than you had prior to beginning our session.
In the beginning of working together, weekly therapy is required. My observations after 12 years of therapy practice is the clients who are consistent with weekly therapy in the beginning make the most progress. Consistency and building a solid relationship between client and therapist is what allows us to do the best and most effective work together. During our initial phone consultation we’ll talk about this and make sure you are committed to this type of consistency. Not everyone is, and not all therapists require weekly sessions, so it’s entirely OK if I’m not the right fit and I’m happy to help you find someone who is.
Some of my clients continue with weekly therapy for a year or so, because they find it so helpful. Others complete about 3 months of weekly therapy and then we mutually decide it’s time to step down to every other week and then eventually monthly. We will continually check in during every few sessions to assess progress and goals. It will always be a collaborative process.
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