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    Girl-YOU are worth the $$$.
    Investing in yourself is hard. The truth is…you might be struggling with believing you are worth it (hello depression and anxiety) and sometimes it’s because you’ve absorbed what you’ve heard others say…

    …“there’s nothing wrong with you; get over it; you’ve got a great life what are you complaining about?”

    You feel you should ‘be able to fix this on your own and think….‘I’m smart and kind of successful….why should I PAY someone else to help me figure this out?’

    In reality, we spend money on ourselves all the time…but is it possibly to self-medicate? Well, maybe.

    Wine, lots of restaurant food, online shopping; skincare, make up, random Target trips…

    Girl, yassss! I love some retail therapy and am NOT against it AT ALL (or wine or make up – it’s all good.) You can get right back to that retail therapy AFTER you make sure:

    …you’re anxiety is in check
    …you’re meeting your health and wellness goals
    …you’re living in balance and finding peace in your day to day life
    …you’re enjoying meaningful relationships
    …you’re capturing the highest quality of life you deserve

    I get it! Seriously. That’s why I’m so committed to my own therapy (yes, I pay out of pocket and go on the very REGULAR!)

    I don’t ask my clients to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. I’m committed to assisting you on this journey: peace of mind, balance, quality of life. We’ll work together to clear the emotional clutter and get you back to the old you…or create some new parts of you. You’re not broken – you just need some support.

    Here’s what I offer: I truly want you to get the most out of your investment.

    $160/ 50-60 Minute Sessions

    Form of Payment Accepted:
    Cash (***in-person sessions only)

    Why I don’t take insurance: I used to and it put a barrier between myself and my clients. It greatly affected the level of care I could provide my clients in our sessions and also the amount of sessions and the length of sessions.
    Meaning? I had to get special permission to make clinical assessments/decisions and wasn’t able to use my own training and judgement without an insurance representative dictating and approving the work I do with clients. Health insurance companies also require their therapists to be in a very limited contract where they decide my rates and pay us very little for the intense work that we do. Therefore, when I accepted insurance, I had to see so many clients every week that I was burnt out and couldn’t be fully present and energetic to give my clients the very best care, while still maintaining my own health and well-being.

    In addition. When you use insurance benefits, they have access to your diagnosis and some very personal clinical information. If you have more questions on this…click here to schedule a phone consultation.

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