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  • Fees & Insurance

    Why I don’t directly accept/bill insurance: I used to and it put a barrier between myself and my clients. It greatly affected the level of care I could provide my clients in our sessions and also the amount of sessions and the length of sessions.

    Meaning? I had to get special permission to make clinical assessments/decisions and wasn’t able to use my own training and judgment without an insurance representative dictating and approving the work I do with clients. Health insurance companies also require their therapists to be in a very limited contract where they decide my rates and pay us very little for the intense work that we do. Therefore, when I accepted insurance, I had to see so many clients every week that I was burnt out and couldn’t be fully present and energetic to give my clients the very best care, while still maintaining my own health and well-being.

    In addition, when you use insurance benefits, they have access to your diagnosis and some very personal clinical information. 

    Individual Therapy –
    $150/ 50 Minute Session

    Couples Therapy – $180/ 50 Minute Session

    Form of Payment Accepted:
    HSA (Health Savings Account)
    Cash (***in-person sessions only)

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