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    You’re doing all the “right” things, but you know there’s more to accomplish to truly feel satisfied and full-filled….but how? Each day is packed with responsibilities and obligations.

    Your work is incredibly important to you, but you wonder “Am I missing out on family life? Relationships? Can I really balance it all and keep moving forward in my career?”

    Through counseling and coaching sessions, I teach high-achieving, driven women to trust their instincts; to stop the cycle of self-doubt, gain confidence in decision making and clear the emotional clutter that gets in the way of enjoying a balanced, peaceful (yet exciting) life.

    As women, we do it all. Prioritizing often feels like a losing battle. Balancing career with home-life and family- it gets so complicated.

    Wishing you could just feel rested, healthy, peaceful and confident about HOW you’re spending your time; WHO and WHAT you’re prioritizing and making sure your personal and professional goals get scheduled in somewhere too?

    I teach women to access their inner strength, heal from frustration and watch everything in their lives fall into place.

    As women, we are faced with a balancing act: pressure to have children by a certain age, career advancement, making strategic choices and seizing the right opportunities. And, all of the personal and health goals we “should” be accomplishing. How are we supposed to make it all work?

    With support from someone who gets it, that’s how!
    Besides my years of counseling experience. I’ve lived it. For almost twenty years I’ve struggled to find the balance between MAJOR career aspirations, masters-level education, creating my own business AND raising my daughters to know their worth and believe they can do whatever they set their mind to.

    Lots of women feel this way, but are too afraid to say it out loud.

    Yes, we’ve made progress in equality, but too often the burden still falls on the woman to make sacrifices, take on more and make the difficult choices like putting her career and dreams on hold ‘to be a good mother...caretaker...daughter...partner…’

    If not remedied, the pressure turns into guilt and stress and will eventually take a physical toll.

    Oh, does that resonate? You already have headaches, body tension and less than ideal sleeping habits? You feel irritable and overwhelmed emotionally? You’re working on your electronic device late at night? Saying to yourself “I just have to check these emails for work tomorrow; figure out dinner for the week and….. and get this last thing done.”

    You’re not alone. Lots of women get stuck in this cycle.

    Good news? These patterns are totally CHANGEABLE!
    You just need support from someone who gets it.

    I used to live in the cycle of stress and overwhelm. I let feelings of guilt and obligation run my life. I felt defeated, until a few years ago when I gave my personal and professional life a makeover. I got lots of counseling and coaching and filled my life with supportive, like-minded people. I began to seriously look at how I spent my time and who I was allowing to influence my decision-making.

    Now, I’m on a mission to inspire women; to help YOU figure it out and create a life that you feel is balanced and complete.

    BUT - Not every woman can achieve results in this program. It requires one major thing to work.

    YOU MUST BE COMMITTED TO MAKING YOURSELF A PRIORITY! If you can do that you are on your way to creating a life filled with calm, decisive, balanced-living with YOUR goals at the forefront.

    Are you ready? It starts with your decision to reach out for support. Hope you do!

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