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  • Emotional Eating: A Symptom of Something More

    Your jeans are getting real snug. Lots of muffin top. So you grab stretchy pants, a t-shirt of some kind, a fleece zip-up and forego the cute outfit you planned to wear today. Muffin top is gone – and so is the fashion component – oh well at least you can breathe.

    The daily self “conversation” begins right on cue: “Ughhh…I’m fat…my pants barely fit….I used to be in shape….in college my ass looked amazing from running, now it’s so wide and why is it so much lower? Ewwww. It’s my metabolism…I’m older….it’s not my fault….my body just doesn’t burn calories like it used to…today is the day I start working out and stop eating carbs. That’s the answer – it’s the carbs. No more sugar. No more white flour. No. More. Fried – ANYthing.

    But you’re so confused. You can’t get out the door to start your day without seeing some sort of media report about what “really” works to finally lose the weight and keep it off.

    All the celebs are talking about the keto, the gluten, the juices, the magic supplements. You feel so confused, so frustrated, so helpless and defeated and it’s only 10 a.m. You obviously skipped breakfast because you had no idea what or what NOT to eat.

    Drive through breakfast sandwich and hash browns it is. Oh it tastes so good. You aren’t so much eating or tasting the food as you are inhaling, or merely consuming it…shoveling, stuffing, hoovering like a vacuum. For a few minutes it feels good. Real good.

    Then the guilt. The shame. You are so mad at yourself as you see the grease smudge you left on your stretchy pants from frantically eating the hash browns while driving and not having quick access to a napkin- feeling a deep hatred, for not only ruining your pants, but for yourself, for failing, yet again.

    This sets the tone for your whole day. You continue down the path of everything you don’t like about yourself – it travels from physical imperfections on your face and body to degrading yourself internally. I have no discipline. I can’t stick with anything. I never do what I say I will. I can’t change.

    Your mental and physical energy is depleted by noon.

    It’s lunchtime. The break room at work is filled with pizza and cake for someone’s birthday. You grab some – why not? You already blew it with the drive thru cuisine this morning. You may chat with others for a moment, more likely though you grab your portions and go eat at your desk alone where no one can judge you for how fast and how much you take in…in one sitting.

    You may eat late at night when no one is awake, if you live with others. This only adds to the shame spiral in your mind and you eat more.

    Sound familiar?

    Feelings of confusion continue: What the hell am I supposed to eat? When do I eat – small meals through out the day? Fasting? Not after 8 p.m.? Not before 11 a.m.? And the shame – eating in secret so no one knows. Or, worse – having enabling eating partners who you can eat this way with because they do the same.

    How did you get this way? How did this simple act of eating to live become living to eat?


    Emotional eating is a symptom of dis-alignment with your true self. This could mean going to a job you despise, or a job that’s just “ehh” giving you no real satisfaction. For others, their life revolves around care-taking for the children and their partners or maybe for an elderly or sick family member – it’s the same answer. Some feel trapped in a love-less, sex-less, down right boring relationship. Emotional eating is a response to lack of self-care, lack of true connection with what you are meant to do in this world; lack of commitment to taking care of yourself. If you are emotionally eating, the solution is not changing what or when you eat – it’s changing how see yourself and improving your relationship with: YOU.

    Weight loss from diets, surgeries or magical juices can’t make you feel fulfilled, just like the amount of comfort food you inhale never fills the emptiness within.

    I know the struggle, girlfriend! And so does my coaching partner, Keisha. We have lost and gained a ton of weight with more fad diets and procedures than you could imagine. Nothing worked long-term for us until we did the inside work. Now we both manage our weight and live, balanced, fulfilling, meaningful lives by serving our true purpose: to help women just like you find their path to health, happiness, peace and purpose.

    If you are tired of battling yourself and you’re ready to make real, lasting changes in your life, book  a complimentary phone call with us. Click here

    You’ve got nothing to lose! Just Strength, Healing and Empowerment to gain!


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