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  • Imposter Syndrome

    You’re tired of feeling like an IMPOSTER.

    It feels like you’re living someone else’s life – not your own.

    You completed the courses; got the graduation certificate; passed the bar, board or licensing exam. Finally, after all that hard work. It’s time to show up and do your thing. Get it girl! 

    So why are you crying under your desk? Wait – where did you go? Are you hiding in the bathroom? You can only stay in there so long…

    I know. It’s terrifying. You are a REAL professional who’s supposed to know stuff, and might even be in charge of other people and lots of important cases, projects and deadlines. 

    You’re terrified someone’s going to find out your secret…the one about you being an imposter. 

    Yes, it’s a real thing. Imposter Syndrome – it’s when you have all the training and credentials and you’re actually pretty good at what you do, but you don’t think it’s real. It feels like you’re faking it every day and it’s only a matter of time before they find out.

    But wait, who are “they” ?

    Your friends and family. Your co-workers. Your boss. Your clients. Your patients. You know – like EVERY one.

    The truth is, no one is judging you harsher than you judge yourself. No one could possibly be as critical about your performance as you are. 

    Learning to let go of your harsh inner critic is just one of the ways therapy can help you break out of Imposter Syndrome status.

    Therapy will help you…

    • Learn to identify the underlying reasons you are so hard on yourself
    • Create a plan for managing these difficult feelings (one that doesn’t include crying under a desk)
    • Improve your confidence so you can stop spending so much time feeling apologetic and worried
    • Increase your ability to assertively communicate your ideas and thoughts
    • Decrease the constant fear about making the wrong decision or mistake

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