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  • Individual Therapy For Adults

    Welcome! Meghan Farr Therapy services is open and affirming of people of all racial, gender, and sexual identities.

    There’s no ONE reason people sit on the couch in my office (or on their own couch during a video session!) So many different things can be “the reason” for starting therapy.

    For lots of people when the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and depression make daily life feel so hard, they finally reach out.

    Even mild bouts of anxiety and depression can trigger/and/or worsen headaches, IBS, joint pain and auto-immune issues. It’s common to experience disturbed sleep patterns, irritability/anger, loss of focus and feelings of panic and overwhelm when the mental and emotional well-being goes untreated. Sometimes feelings of hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and obsessive tendencies will become too unbearable.

    Often, my clients begin therapy because they have LITERALLY exhausted friends and family with the cyclical nature of their unresolved issues – aka – can’t get off the hamster wheel and need a fresh perspective.

    Sometimes people begin therapy because they just have a desire to understand their own mind and self as much as possible, wanting to grow and evolve – not just survive.

    Trauma, grief and heartbreak also bring people to the couch. Life is full of moments of grief and heartache and sometimes we can’t fully heal without the help of another mind; the in-depth understanding of another person helps to make sense of it all.

    I’m sure you have questions!  Contact me to schedule a free, 15 minute phone consultation so we can talk.