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  • Meghan E. Farr, MSW, LCSW

    It takes courage and bravery to acknowledge that what you’ve been doing on your own hasn’t worked. I commend you for that. I want you to know that I’m here to support and guide you as you do some of the toughest work you’ve ever done. 

    You want more than just someone to listen. You’re looking for support and guidance.You’re ready for real feedback; tangible, actionable suggestions you can take with you - not a therapist who nods their head, stares blankly and asks “what do YOU think you should do about that?” 

    It’s not a bad question - in fact I might ask you that very same thing, but you’ll receive much more from our sessions together. We’ll go deeper than just the surface level (once you’re comfortable of course.) 

    Hi, I’m Meghan Farr and I’ll be your tour guide through this therapy process! 

    Not only have I lived it, I’ve experienced healing first hand.

    As an overly ambitious, driven, high achiever I’ve learned to quiet the crazy through useful therapy techniques myself. I’ve made it my mission to understand very specific types of anxiety that greatly affect women in their 20s and 30s. Career, Relationships and Pre/Postpartum Anxiety. My three faves.

    My therapy style is very casual and conversational. I’ve been told “you’re not like what I expected from a therapist” because of my laid back style. We can even use swear words in therapy because it’s very therapeutic (I do it all the time when I see my therapist!) Nothing stuffy or judgemental when we have our sessions. Just you and me and our coffee...or tea, diet coke - whatever you like! I always have a variety of drinks ready to go for my clients. 

    Yes - some of this work we do together will be really hard. But not harder than all you’ve already accomplished in your life. All it takes is showing up for sessions and willingness to learn new techniques to see yourself as the amazingly gifted person that you are. And, did I mention that it will be FUN?

    What to expect from our therapy sessions together: 

    For centuries laughter and humor have been studied and proven over and over to be an effective strategy for helping to heal all kinds of physical and emotional ailments.

    Seriously? Is that it -waive a magic wand, laugh and poof - you’re cured? No. But, laughter is one of the many tools we’ll use. My goal is to fill your fanny pack with lots of methods and strategies to use outside of our sessions. Clients say they enjoy working with me because my sessions are laid back and fun. Of course, there WILL be tears sometimes; we’ll talk about some really difficult things, but we’ll do it together so you don’t feel you’re carrying so many burdens alone. 

    What you’ll learn…

    I’ll help you see patterns in your thinking and your life that hold you back from living the life you deserve. 

    • I’ll help you annihilate the anxiety symptoms that cause you to cry, yell at people and make you feel like staying under your desk and hiding from the world.
    • We’ll sort out your feelings; then clear out the emotional clutter to make room for new perspectives and new clarity in understanding yourself. 
    • To turn down the volume on your inner critic’s voice 
    • We’ll problem solve together and come up with ways to handle those annoying instances that keep you up at night. 
    • And, let’s figure out the root of why you often wake up in a jarring, alert “on edge” manner.
    • To separate YOUR expectations from the ones you learned from parents, teachers and other authority figures throughout your life.
    • To create a “grown up” independent - for real - adult identity 
    • How to stop getting sucked into social media comparison culture and fully embrace your own brand of bad-assery!
    • Together, we’ll uncover YOUR innate strengths that may have been overlooked.
    It’s common to skip over our natural strengths and focus on what we aren’t good at, when we’re suffering from imposter syndrome, anxiety and overachieving-itis (yes, that’s a clinical word.) 

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