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  • Meet Your Match

    You brave, girl!  You are ready to choose your Fairy Godmother Warrior Queen Cheerleader (aka awesome therapist) who is a perfect fit for you, one who gets you AND has the experience. So many options out there and super overwhelming. We know! But this last piece is oh, so important to your success.

    We want you to get a feel for what SHE is about. The process works best when you’re comfortable and sure of the person you’ll be sharing your dreams, hopes, and biggest fears with. If you are considering Keisha or Meg, here’s a few more fun facts that may help to narrow your search even more!!

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    • If you struggle with obsessing and are super organized (maybe some OCD tendencies or anxious obsessing), Keisha would be an amazing fit. She’s worked through similar issues herself and will “just get you.”
    • Keisha has training and education geared toward teaching you great strategies to overcome these perfectionistic tendencies or use them to your advantage.
    • She has worked with tons of clients experiencing this. Keisha excels with step-by-step planning and detail-oriented people.
    • Keisha is completely comfortable providing faith-based counseling for those who are seeking Christian-oriented therapy or coaching. Keisha identifies as a Christian and has a healthy relationship with her church and religious practices. This doesn’t mean that she brings spirituality into the session, unless her client is seeking that specifically. She also supports and adheres to equality and empowerment and enjoys working with clients of any faith, religion, or lack there-of.
    • While Keisha is married to her college sweetheart - yep - they are going on 20 years - she understands the peaks and valleys of long-term relationships and marriage. She and her husband have been able to navigate difficult times and work through their issues in an inspiring manner. This doesn’t mean if you’re considering divorce that she isn’t the right fit - she was a child of divorce and has personal experience growing up in a blended family (her family tree is quite entertaining!). She also has a ton of experience working with clients who are divorced or contemplating ending a long-term relationship.
    • Keisha is a small-town country girl and you might hear her say y’all from time to time.
    • Keisha is a mom of twin boys


    • If you struggle with disorganization, or have been told you are scatter-brained and you’re late all the time and can’t find your keys (maybe some ADHD tendencies), Meg’s your gal.
    • Meg has learned through personal experience and extensive studying of organized vs. unorganized adults how to “sort yourself out” and regain direction in your life. Meg excels with driven, artistic, “big-picture” oriented people.
    • If you have experienced religious or extreme-belief trauma (growing up in a church or belief system that is fear-based,follows rigid rules that are often disempowering toward women, and equality in general). Meg might be right for you, as she has experienced this herself and learned to heal through seeking her own therapy. Meg is supportive of those who attend church and adhere to specific religious practices if it’s healthy and empowering for the individual (many people find their church or support system after healing from religious trauma.)
    • Meg was married to her husband for 12 years before her divorce. She has personal experience (including lots of therapy!) regarding separating, divorcing, managing co-parenting and blending families, in the healthiest ways possible. Divorce doesn’t have to be a bad thing - if done with the support and guidance of professionals, it can be the healthiest option for everyone involved.
    • Meg is a city gal all the way.
    • Meg is a mom of two girls.

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