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  • Nature-based Services: Ecotherapy & Walk and Talk

    Eco-what??? Ecotherapy!! (aka Nature Therapy or Green Therapy) and Walk and Talk Therapy. These are two brand-spanking-new services we are offering. We are REAL women who want to meet you in the REAL world. Essentially, it is just as it sounds…we walk and we talk. This may mean taking a 15 to 50-minute stroll in the park or a walk around the block instead of meeting in a traditional office setting. By combining two amazing acts of self-care (therapy and movement) even more success is possible. Add the restorative effects of being outside in fresh air and nature, and VOILA! a beautiful trifecta for the body, mind, and soul.

    While for SHE, nature-based services are a new approach we’re adding to our repertoire, it is by no means a “new” concept. Therapists have been providing this type of service for clients globally and have seen positive benefits for their clients’ mental and physical health. Research shows that holding dirt, touching a tree, soaking up some Vitamin D, looking at leaves and birds, and even just 10 minutes of mild movement can all improve mood, stress, anxiety, depression, and your overall sense of well-being.

    “What if I’m not really an outdoor, nature kind of person?” you may ask. That’s okay! We are not going to ask you to hold dirt, promise! Though there may be some dancing in the rain (you just never know 😉). Maybe we find a bench or outdoor café to enjoy along the way, instead. If you are interested, we can make a plan that is going to work best for you and your comfort level.

    Ecotherapy and Walk and Talk are also a great option because they take the pressure off for the client. Addressing issues while sitting face-to-face, may create more anxiety for some clients while walking parallel and having visual distractions, you can be more comfortable opening up. Therapists who have done this type of therapy rave about how enriching and productive sessions can be, simply by taking it outside in a more relaxed setting.


    Let us know if you are interested! click here, and we can talk.