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  • The SHE Style

    Well, we could wave our magic wands over you and – POOF – you won’t hurt or feel frustrated any longer (and we do both have magic wands in our offices!) But, we find it more effective for you to learn the SHE process and have the tools to use on your own.

    Step 1 is STRENGTHEN. I know. You’re wondering how to do that when you feel worn out and maybe even a little depressed and overwhelmed. Or, maybe you feel anxious, chaotic and more like you’re on a hamster wheel and can’t stop. Maybe your body feels weak because you aren’t sleeping well. Maybe you aren’t eating nutritiously. Symptoms of ADHD, depression, and anxiety greatly affect our sleeping and eating patterns.

    Don’t worry the STRENGTHENING process has already begun if you are reading this!

    You reached out because doing it on your own hasn’t worked so far.

    We provide a safe space to help you identify your very own unique gifts and strengths. Yep, even you have them! We use a Strengths-Based Framework to help you start identifying what you are naturally good at. You may not see it in yourself, but that’s why you have us! From there we will support, encourage, listen, and collaborate together in making a plan to strengthen you mentally and emotionally, and this will, in turn, help you with your physical well-being also.

    You will gain confidence after your first session.

    Step 2 is HEAL.

    At your own pace, you and your therapist – AKA coach, behavioral consultant, guilt slayer-  will explore patterns and themes to determine what is holding you back from living your best life. This process is highly unique to each individual – kind of like human fingerprints – no two are exactly the same. The overall issues can be similar from one person to the next and between Keisha and Meg – we’ve probably been in therapy for most of the things you want to tackle in your own life. Hurt feelings, past trauma, fear of failure and wondering if we deserve a better life. Guilt for wanting more peace, happiness, and prosperity. Yeah. We’ve got you covered. Together, we will help you heal old wounds and learn coping tools to use when – and we do mean – when –  you get hurt again. Part of the process is learning that we can’t avoid tragedy and hurt in life (yes, I’m talking to you control freaks!) but we can learn to manage and accept it. That’s where the next step comes in.

    Step 3 is EMPOWER.

    It’s definitely the favorite! This part is fun. It’s when you learn to seriously kick some ass and take charge of your life. Empowerment means finding your own inner power and learning to channel it into confidence and a greater sense of self-worth. YES, you do deserve that. You deserve to be surrounded by people who encourage and support your goals and dreams and this part can get tricky because some people – the toxic people – won’t fit into your new life anymore. But it’s ok because, hello – Step 1 and 2: you will have the strength and healing ability to warrior through the growing pains of having the life you want. One filled with hopefulness, happiness, and FUN! You will be able to continue having fun while still dealing with life’s hardships.


    Here’s a list of our most common client issues:

    • ADHD – disorganization, late all the time, overall can’t get your shit together (but really smart and fun to be around)
    • Anxiety – obsessive, nervous, worrying about everything and everybody, except yo’self
    • Body Image/Weight Issues – Damn, the dryer is always shrinking my stuff! – overeating, under-eating, hating how you look in the mirror
    • Depression – irritable, sad, tired, frustrated, sleeping too much or too little, crying, sensitivity
    • Difficult life transitions – getting a new job, losing a job, graduating college/grad school/making career choices, new marriage, becoming a parent, relocating
    • Divorce – thinking about getting a divorce, just got a divorce, coping with divorce
    • Fear of failure
    • Financial stress
    • Grief – death of a person, death of a loved one, miscarriage, loss of relationship
    • Negative thinking
    • Obsessive thinking
    • Parenting
    • Toxic relationships and learning to create new, healthy relationships -with partner, friend, parents or other family members, and especially with yo’self

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